"As Commissioner, I have committed to being the voice of our community as both a Ward 7 resident and fourth generation Washingtonian stick with me as we build #SAFER7 together". It is my hope to continue this commitment as I run for a third-term in 7F01."


We will continue to advocate a #SAFER7 through strategic planning and initiatives that include:


*Safer Neighborhoods: 

  • Improve community relations with MPD with the establishment of a Public Safety committee on our ANC

  • Submit Minnesota Ave. Improvement Task Force program and budget recommendations to the Mayor's administration and City Council 

*Education Equity & Youth Empowerment: 

  • Advocate to establish an education equity grant to close the technology gap for students and families

  • Increase pressure to close the educational funding gap and increase per-pupil funding for Ward 7 students 

  • Establish a formal RFP process for a community mentorship program

*Financial Literacy & Economic Empowerment: 

  • Create a grant fund to support the establishment of new women-owned small businesses and minority-owned businesses in our community

  • Partner with KIPP DC to establish early financial literacy programs for students 


*Accessible Communities: 

  • Work with DPW to ensure alleys remain clean and free of bulk trash

  • Work with DDOT to ensure the installation of hawk signals at high traffic areas 

  • Work with DCRA & the Office of the Attorney General to address excessive loitering at gas stations and liquor stores on the Minnesota Ave. corridor


*Responsive Government 

  • Uphold city agency accountability through testimony at annual oversight hearings and at community meetings

  • Maintain inclusivity of city agency directors and other elected officials as part of monthly ANC meetings.

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